What’s the Best Paint to Use on Rocks for Outside? Let’s Find Out!

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I’ve been receiving a ton of queries about rock painting, particularly about the best type of paint to use for rocks that are destined to brave the great outdoors.

So, let’s dive right in and answer this burning question!

In a nutshell, the champion of paints for outdoor rock painting is undoubtedly acrylic paint. It’s durable, versatile, and comes in a wide array of vibrant colors. But why just stop at the nutshell? Let’s crack this open and delve deeper into why acrylic paint is the rock star (pun totally intended) of rock painting!

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Acrylic Paint for Rocks: Why It’s the Best Choice

So, why is acrylic paint the go-to choice for painting rocks, especially those meant for outdoor display? Well, my crafty friends, the answer lies in the unique properties of acrylic paint. It’s like the superhero of paints, and here’s why:

Durability: When it comes to painting rocks, we need a paint that’s as tough as, well, a rock! Acrylic paint is just that. It adheres superbly to many surfaces, including rocks, and once it dries, it’s resistant to water, light, and general wear and tear. This makes it perfect for outdoor projects where the painted rocks will be exposed to the elements.


Waterproof Quality: One of the standout features of acrylic paint is its inherent waterproof quality. Once it dries, acrylic paint becomes water-resistant, which is a must-have feature for outdoor rock painting. Rain, dew, or even a rogue garden sprinkler won’t wash away your beautiful designs. This waterproof quality ensures that your rock art remains vibrant and intact, come rain or shine!


Versatility: Acrylic paint is like the Swiss Army knife of paints. You can apply it thickly for a textured effect or thin it with water for a wash of color. The possibilities are as wide as your imagination. This versatility allows you to create a wide range of effects on your rocks, making each one a unique piece of art.


Quick Drying: In the fast-paced world of DIY, we don’t have time to watch paint dry. Luckily, acrylic paint dries quickly, allowing you to apply multiple coats or different colors without turning into a waiting game. This means you can complete your rock painting projects faster and have them ready for display in no time.

quick dry acrylic paints - what paint to use on rocks for outside from Panda Crafty

Vibrant Colors: Who doesn’t love a splash of color? Acrylic paints come in a wide range of vibrant colors that stay bright even after the paint has dried. Your rocks will be the talk of the town (or garden)!


Non-Toxic: Safety first, folks! Most acrylic paints are non-toxic, making them safe for artists of all ages.


In conclusion, acrylic paint, with its durability, waterproof quality, versatility, quick-drying nature, vibrant colors, and non-toxicity, is an excellent choice for painting rocks, especially those destined for the great outdoors.

So go ahead, grab your paints and brushes, and let’s rock this craft!

The Right Tools for Rock Painting

Of course, painting rocks isn’t just about slapping on some paint. You need the right tools for the job. When painting rocks, small brush sizes are key for painting those intricate details on your rocks. And don’t forget about the sealant! To protect your masterpiece from the elements, it’s generally recommended to seal painted rocks with a clear sealant.

Rock Selection: It’s Not Just About the Paint

Choosing the right rock is just as important as choosing the right paint. Smooth, flat rocks are ideal for painting. You can find them in various places, from your local garden center to online stores. Just remember to clean and dry your rocks before you start painting.

Let’s Get Painting!

Now that you’re armed with all this knowledge, it’s time to get painting! Start with a base coat, paint your design, add details, outline your finished design, and seal it. Remember, the key to successful rock painting is to experiment, have fun, and express your creativity!

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a seasoned rock painter or just starting out, choosing the right paint is crucial. Acrylic paint, with its durability, versatility, and range of vibrant colors, is an excellent choice for painting rocks, especially those destined for the great outdoors. So go ahead, grab your paints and brushes, and let’s rock this craft!

That’s all from me today, folks! Stay crafty, and remember, at Panda Crafty, we’re here to help you bring your DIY dreams to life. Until next time!

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