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Customize and source high-quality art supplies and craft kits from China, tailored to your business needs.

Art & Craft Kits Product Range Overview

Unleash Creative Excellence with Panda Crafty: Premier Craft and Art Solutions for Every Aspiration

Explore our extensive range of craft and art kits, where quality meets creativity. Panda Crafty offers bespoke solutions, from educational environments to professional art studios, ensuring every product is meticulously tailored to fit specific client needs. Our Art & craft kits not only foster learning and development but also celebrate creativity and innovation across all seasons and occasions.

Your STEAM Curriculum with Panda Crafty's Customized Craft Kits

Educational Kits

Empower learning with our educational craft kits, perfect for schools and learning centers, enhancing both creativity and technical skills.

Wreath Making Kits

Seasonal Crafts

Celebrate the seasons with our bespoke seasonal craft kits. Ideal for holidays and special events, they bring festive spirits to any setting.

Professional Art Supplies

Select from our top-tier professional art supplies, crafted to meet the demands of artists and designers looking for superior performance.

Why Choose Panda Crafty?

Transform Your Creative Concepts Art & Craft Kits into Reality with Precision and Passion

At Panda Crafty, we are committed to turning your creative visions into exquisite, tangible products that inspire and captivate. This guiding principle shapes every aspect of our operation, from initial design through to the final delivery of our art and craft kits. We understand that the journey from concept to creation is critical, and we approach each project with a meticulous blend of precision and passion.

Quality Assurance

At Panda Crafty, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our art & craft kits. Each kit undergoes rigorous testing through multiple customer orders, ensuring that our products are consistently produced with precision and care. Our longstanding relationships with stable, quality-assured factories mean that whether you’re ordering a classic item or a new product, we guarantee that our quoted prices meet your required standards without compromising on quality.


Our customization capabilities are designed to meet your specific needs. With Panda Crafty, you can expect comprehensive options including private labeling, branding with printed color paper boxes, uniquely shaped packaging, warehouse barcode integration, and fully sustainable material options. We tailor every aspect of packaging to align with your branding and environmental goals, ensuring your product stands out in the market.


With over a decade of expertise in the industry, Panda Crafty has a refined process that accelerates development and delivers highly effective solutions tailored to your needs. Our deep understanding of global market dynamics and client expectations allows us to craft educational and professional art supplies that not only meet but exceed the creative aspirations of our customers.

Panda Crafty Location at Shanghai

At Panda Crafty, we take pride in the success and satisfaction of our clients. Our craft and art kits have played pivotal roles in enhancing educational programs, enriching professional artistic endeavors, and amplifying seasonal celebrations. Below are testimonials and case studies from institutions and businesses that have experienced transformative results with our products

Case Studies/Testimonials

Explore Real Success Stories: How Our Kits Bring Creativity to Life

Panda Crafty’s educational kits have revolutionized our teaching methods. The quality and variety of materials engage students more effectively, making learning both fun and impactful.

Springfield Elementary School

Case Study: our kits helped increase student engagement in STEM subjects by 40% over the academic year

The seasonal art & craft kits from Panda Crafty are a staple in our event planning. They add a unique, creative touch to our holiday events, delighting clients and attendees alike.

Happy Times Event Planners

Case Study: Christmas kits enhanced festive celebrations at corporate events, leading to a 30% increase in client satisfaction

Our members love the DIY kits from Panda Crafty! They’re perfect for crafters of all skill levels and have sparked a newfound enthusiasm for DIY projects within our community.

Crafty Corners Co-op

Case Study: DIY kits have fostered a vibrant crafting community, boosting membership and engagement by 50%.

Delve into Our Exceptional Art & Craft Kits: Unveil the Unmatched Quality and Creativity

Crafting Supplies to Enrich STEAM Learning

Eco-Friendly Learning Craft Kit for Kids

  • Features: Biodegradable materials, safe non-toxic colors.
  • Benefits: Introduces children to sustainability while stimulating creativity through fun and educational crafts.
art and paint kits

Professional Watercolor Set

  • Features: High-pigment colors, durable and lightweight metal palette.
  • Benefits: Offers artists exceptional color payoff and longevity, ideal for both studio and field use.
Christmas Craft Kits for Kids

Seasonal Decoration Craft Kit – Winter Wonderland

  • Features: Includes sparkling glitters, themed stencils, and eco-friendly adhesives.
  • Benefits: Perfect for creating festive decorations, enhancing the holiday spirit with personalized touches.
DIY Electronics Kits

STEM Robotics Kit for Teens

  • Features: Modular design, programmable components, detailed instructional guide.
  • Benefits: Encourages logical thinking and technical skills, provides a hands-on introduction to robotics.

Customizable Corporate Gift Crafting Kit

  • Features: Options for logo embossing, choice of corporate colors, premium packaging.
  • Benefits: Allows businesses to create unique, branded gifts that reflect their corporate identity and values.
Christmas Card Making Kits

Holiday Card Making Kit

  • Features: Variety of cardstocks, stamps, and embossing powders.
  • Benefits: Enables users to create custom, heartfelt cards for holidays and special occasions, adding a personal touch to celebrations

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential with Customized Craft Solutions

At Panda Crafty, we specialize in creating tailor-made solutions that resonate with your brand’s unique identity. As a leading professional craft kits supplier, we excel in transforming your ideas into reality with precision. Whether you’re interested in bulk art kits for educational institutions or wholesale craft supplies for retail, we cater to all your needs with exceptional customization services:

Private Label Craft Kits

Boost your brand visibility with customized labeling.

Custom Packaging Options

Choose from a range of eco-friendly and uniquely shaped color boxes, ideal for bulk art kits and wholesale craft supplies.

Adaptable Kit Component

Modify materials and kit contents to perfectly meet your art & craft kits project’s specifications.


Embrace the flexibility of our customization to differentiate your offerings in the marketplace effectively.

Streamlined and Flexible Logistics for Your Wholesale Craft Needs

At Panda Crafty, we understand that efficient and reliable logistics are crucial for managing wholesale craft supplies. Trust Panda Crafty’s logistics expertise to streamline your operations and make ordering stress-free. We are dedicated to providing you with not just supplies, but complete support and peace of mind. Our logistics framework is designed to ensure your bulk art kits and custom art kits for schools are delivered punctually and in pristine condition:

Global Shipping Options

Panda Crafty offer a variety of shipping methods to suit your needs, including express delivery, economical sea freight, and convenient door-to-door services. This flexibility helps ensure that your shipments of wholesale craft supplies arrive exactly when and where you need them.

Advanced Order Management

Our order management system is optimized for efficiency, allowing for seamless handling of large orders, including mixed orders that combine multiple types of Art & Craft Kits in full containers. This one-stop solution simplifies the procurement process, saving you time and effort.

Customer Service Excellence

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends from the initial inquiry through to after-sales support. We maintain transparency by keeping you updated with photos and videos during the order confirmation and throughout the process. Our dedicated team is always on hand to assist with any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory experience.

Elevate Your Craft Offerings with Panda Crafty

Ready to enhance your product line with bulk art kits or custom art & craft kits for schools? Contact Panda Crafty today for a free consultation or to request samples of our wholesale craft supplies

Everything You Need to Know About Our Craft Kits

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section offers comprehensive information addressing common concerns about our products and services, including:

What safety standards do Panda Crafty’s bulk art & craft kits meet?

Our bulk art kits adhere to international safety standards. For kits intended as toys, we ensure that all components meet the safety standards applicable to your market. While we cannot provide individual certificates for each component, we assist in obtaining product testing reports that comply with your specific order requirements.

What are the minimum order quantities for Panda Crafty’s products?

The minimum order quantities vary depending on the type of customization:

  • Custom Packaging: Starts at 1,000+ units for competitive pricing, with the most advantageous prices available for orders of 3,000-5,000 units.
  • Label Customization: Available for as few as 50+ units. We approach each project on a case-by-case basis to offer tailored solutions. Please discuss your needs with us to find the best pricing options, as different quantities can affect the price.

Can Panda Crafty help with specialized orders for professional craft kits?

Yes, as a professional craft kits supplier, we specialize in handling specialized orders that cater to unique business and educational requirements. Whether you are looking for wholesale craft supplies or specific custom art kits for schools, we can accommodate your needs with precision and excellence.

How flexible is the customization for Panda Crafty’s art kits?

At Panda Crafty, customization is at the core of what we do. Whether you need custom art kits for schools or professional setups, we offer extensive options to match every detail of your vision. This includes material selection, kit components, and packaging designed to align with your branding requirements. Our ability to adapt and innovate ensures that each kit perfectly suits your professional or educational needs.