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STEAM-Focused Physics Experiment Kits

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Explore a Wide Range of Innovative Physics Experiment Kits, Designed for Classes 9 through 12

Featured Physics Experiment Kits

  • A diverse range of physics experiment kits covering various topics
  • High-quality materials and components for a reliable learning experience
  • Opportunities for cross-disciplinary learning and science fair projects

Simple Harmonic Motion Kit

Explore the principles of simple harmonic motion and pendulums through experiments such as “Experiment 10” and “Simple Pendulum Practical.”

Light and Optics Kit

Investigate light phenomena with hands-on activities, including “Light Slit Experiment,” “Optics Experiment,” and “Optical Bench Experiment.”

Mechanics and Motion Kit

Discover the laws of motion with experiments such as “Projectile Motion Experiment,” “Centripetal Force Experiment,” and “Newton’s Second Law Lab.”

Thermodynamics and States of Matter Kit

Delve into the principles of thermodynamics and states of matter through hands-on experiments, including “Thermodynamic Experiments” and “States of Matter Experiments.”

Electricity and Magnetism Kit

Learn about electrical circuits and magnetism with activities like “Ohm’s Law Lab,” “Helmholtz Coils Experiment,” and “Experiment to Verify Ohm’s Law.”

Waves and Sound Kit

Explore the properties of waves and sound through engaging experiments such as “Resonance Tube Experiment,” “Sonometer Experiment,” and “Torsional Pendulum Experiment.”

Quantum Physics and Planck’s Constant Kit

Uncover the mysteries of quantum mechanics and Planck’s constant with experiments like “Quantum Physics Experiments,” “Planck Constant Experiment,” and “Quantum Experiment.”

Precision Measurement and Instruments Kit

Develop measurement skills with activities involving “Vernier Caliper Practical Experiment,” “Spherometer Experiment,” and “Newton Ring Experiment Readings.”

Physical Science Fair Projects Kit

Create your own science fair projects with a range of experiments from different branches of physics, such as “Class 11 Physics Practical Experiment 1” and “Physics Activities Class 12.”