Must-Have Craft Supplies for Preschoolers

Crafting is fun and helps preschoolers learn and grow. You can get all these supplies in a customized back-to-school pack or for project kick-offs from Panda Crafty. Here are the must-have craft supplies for your little ones, tips for choosing the best products, and how to use them.

1. Crayons

Usage: Crayons are perfect for drawing and coloring.


  • Coloring books
  • Drawing on large sheets of paper
  • Creating rubbings by placing paper over leaves or coins and coloring on top
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Ensure they are non-toxic and safe for young children.
  • Look for washable crayons to make cleaning easier.

2. Washable Markers

Usage: Washable markers add bright colors to any project and are easy to clean.


  • Drawing on whiteboards or paper
  • Making colorful posters
  • Decorating cardboard boxes for pretend play
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Check that they are non-toxic.
  • Choose markers with ventilated caps to prevent choking.

3. Construction Paper

Usage: Construction paper is colorful and sturdy, perfect for various crafts.


  • Cutting shapes to create collages
  • Folding to make simple origami
  • Making cards for holidays and birthdays
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Opt for heavyweight paper to prevent tearing.
  • Ensure the paper is acid-free to prevent fading over time.

4. Safety Scissors

Usage: Safety scissors help kids practice cutting safely. Examples:

  • Cutting out shapes from construction paper
  • Creating paper chains
  • Snipping paper to create fringes for decorations
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Make sure they have blunt tips to avoid accidents.
  • Choose scissors with ergonomic handles for easy use.

5. Glue Sticks

Usage: Glue sticks are great for sticking paper, fabric, and other materials together.


  • Gluing shapes onto construction paper
  • Assembling paper bag puppets
  • Creating collages with various textures
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Ensure they are non-toxic and safe for children.
  • Look for glue sticks that dry clear to avoid messes.

6. Stickers

Usage: Stickers add fun and creativity to any project.


  • Decorating notebooks and folders
  • Creating sticker scenes on paper
  • Adding finishing touches to handmade cards
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Check for non-toxic stickers.
  • Choose easy-to-peel stickers to avoid frustration.

7. Pom-Poms

Usage: Pom-poms are soft and fluffy, adding fun textures to crafts.


  • Gluing onto paper to create animals or flowers
  • Making pom-pom garlands
  • Adding to craft stick puppets for hair or decoration
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Make sure they are large enough to avoid choking hazards.
  • Look for pom-poms that do not shed easily.

8. Pipe Cleaners

Usage: Pipe cleaners are bendable and colorful, perfect for making shapes and figures.


  • Twisting into animal shapes
  • Making bracelets and rings
  • Adding to paper crafts for 3D effects
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Ensure they are made from durable materials.
  • Choose pipe cleaners with ends that are securely fastened to prevent poking.

9. Googly Eyes

Usage: Googly eyes make any craft come to life.


  • Sticking onto pom-poms to create creatures
  • Adding to hand-drawn characters on paper
  • Using on homemade puppets
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Ensure they are non-toxic.
  • Choose self-adhesive googly eyes to avoid messy glue.

10. Paints

Usage: Washable paints are perfect for finger painting and brush painting.


  • Creating handprint art
  • Painting rocks to look like animals
  • Making colorful backgrounds for collages
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Ensure they are non-toxic and washable.
  • Look for paints that come in spill-proof containers.

11. Play Dough

Usage: Play dough is fun to mold and shape, helping improve fine motor skills.


  • Rolling into shapes and letters
  • Using cookie cutters to make patterns
  • Building small sculptures
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Ensure it is non-toxic and safe if accidentally ingested.
  • Look for dough that is soft and easy to mold.

12. Craft Sticks

Usage: Craft sticks are versatile for various projects.


  • Making puppets with paper and markers
  • Constructing small models like houses or bridges
  • Creating frames for pictures
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Choose sticks that are smooth and free of splinters.
  • Opt for sticks that are dyed with non-toxic colors.

13. Beads

Usage: Large beads are easy for small hands to thread.


  • Making necklaces and bracelets
  • Creating patterns on string
  • Adding to pipe cleaner crafts
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Ensure beads are large enough to avoid choking hazards.
  • Choose beads with large holes for easy threading.

14. Foam Shapes

Usage: Foam shapes are easy to stick and come in many designs.


  • Decorating cards and posters
  • Creating themed scenes (like underwater or space)
  • Adding to puppets and masks for detail
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Ensure they are made from non-toxic foam.
  • Look for shapes with self-adhesive backing to avoid glue messes.

15. Glitter

Usage: Glitter adds sparkle to any project.


  • Sprinkling on glue-covered paper
  • Adding to homemade slime
  • Decorating holiday ornaments
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Opt for eco-friendly, biodegradable glitter.
  • Ensure containers are spill-proof.

Bonus: Magnetic Building Kits

Magnetic building kits are great for hands-on learning and creativity. help preschoolers understand shapes and structures while playing.

Usage: Magnetic building kits provide endless building fun.


  • Constructing simple geometric shapes
  • Building towers and castles
  • Learning about magnets and how they work
  • Tips for Choosing:
  • Ensure magnets are securely enclosed to prevent swallowing.
  • Choose kits with strong, durable magnets for stability.

These supplies will make crafting fun and educational for preschoolers. Happy crafting!

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