Engaging Easter Crafts for the Classroom: Fun Ideas to Celebrate the Holiday


Celebrating holidays in the classroom can bring excitement, joy, and a sense of community among students. Introducing Easter crafts is a fun and educational way to engage students in the festivities while reinforcing important skills such as fine motor development, creativity, and collaboration. In this blog post, we will explore various Easter crafts for the classroom and classroom days of the week craft ideas that will inspire students and make the holiday celebration memorable.

Egg-cellent Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Traditional Egg Dyeing Techniques

  • Materials: Hard-boiled eggs, egg dye, vinegar, cups or bowls, spoons
  • How to Play: Teach students the traditional technique of dyeing Easter eggs using store-bought dye kits or homemade dye solutions. Allow students to experiment with different colors, dipping times, and techniques to create unique and vibrant Easter eggs.

Creative Ways to Use Stickers, Markers, and Paint

  • Materials: Hard-boiled eggs or craft eggs, stickers, markers, paint, brushes
  • How to Play: Encourage students to think outside the box and use stickers, markers, and paint to create their own Easter egg designs. Students can create patterns, illustrations, or even write messages on their eggs for a personalized touch.

Bunny-themed Crafts

Making Bunny Masks or Headbands

  • Materials: Paper plates, construction paper, scissors, glue, markers or crayons, elastic or ribbon
  • How to Play: Guide students in creating bunny masks or headbands using paper plates and construction paper. Encourage them to add details such as whiskers, noses, and eyes, and use markers or crayons to add color.

Bunny Origami and Paper Plate Crafts

  • Materials: Origami paper, paper plates, scissors, glue, markers or crayons
  • How to Play: Teach students how to create bunny origami or paper plate crafts as a fun and creative Easter project. Students can follow step-by-step instructions to create their own unique bunnies, which can be used as decorations or gifts.

Easter-themed Days of the Week Craft Ideas

Integrating Easter Themes into Daily Classroom Activities

  • Materials: Construction paper, scissors, glue, markers or crayons, magnetic tape or Velcro dots
  • How to Play: Integrate Easter themes into daily classroom activities by creating Easter-inspired daily visual schedules. Students can work together to design and decorate each day of the week with Easter elements such as eggs, bunnies, and flowers.

Creating Easter-inspired Daily Visual Schedules

  • Materials: Construction paper, scissors, glue, markers or crayons, magnetic tape or Velcro dots
  • How to Play: Help students create Easter-inspired daily visual schedules using construction paper and other art supplies. These schedules can be displayed in the classroom and used to reinforce daily routines and activities.

Easter Basket Crafts

Using Recycled Materials to Create Baskets

  • Materials: Recycled materials (e.g., milk cartons, plastic containers, cereal boxes), scissors, glue, paint, brushes, ribbon or yarn
  • How to Play: Teach students how to create Easter baskets using recycled materials. Encourage them to think creatively and use various materials to construct their baskets.

Decorating and Personalizing the Baskets

  • Materials: Pre-made baskets, paint, brushes, ribbon or yarn, stickers, markers or crayons
  • How to Play: Allow students to decorate and personalize pre-made Easter baskets with paint, ribbon, stickers, and other art supplies.

Easter Storytelling and Puppet Shows

Creating Simple Easter-themed Puppets

  • Materials: Craft sticks, construction paper, scissors, glue, markers or crayons, googly eyes (optional)
  • How to Play: Instruct students to create simple Easter-themed puppets using craft sticks and construction paper. They can design their puppets to resemble bunnies, chicks, eggs, or other Easter symbols. Encourage students to add details such as facial features and accessories using markers or crayons and googly eyes.

Encouraging Students to Retell the Easter Story

  • Materials: Easter-themed puppets, a small stage or designated storytelling area
  • How to Play: Once students have created their Easter puppets, encourage them to retell the Easter story or create their own Easter-themed stories in small groups or as a class. Students can take turns performing their stories using their puppets and the designated storytelling area.


Incorporating Easter crafts into the classroom can provide numerous benefits for students, such as fostering creativity, enhancing fine motor skills, and promoting a sense of community. By engaging in these activities, students can learn about the holiday’s traditions while developing their artistic abilities and having fun. By implementing these Easter crafts for the classroom and classroom days of the week craft ideas, teachers can create a festive atmosphere and memorable holiday experience for their students.

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